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Axial December Releases

Axial December Releases
New from Axial:

XR10 Machined Gears

  • Precision CNC Machined gears for the Axial XR10 Competition Rock Crawler
  • Complete set of machined gears will reduce your internal rotating mass by over 15%
  • Increased strength and efficiency
  • Direct replacements for the stock Axial XR10 gears
  • Replacement Breakdown:
  • To replace AX30551 use AX30767
  • To replace AX30552 use AX30768
  • To Replace AX30555 use AX30770
  • To Replace AX30556 use AX30771
  • To replace AX30554 use AX30769 & AX30770

AX30767 XR10 Machined 22T-48P Final Drive Gear $15.00
AX30768 XR10 Machined Lightweight 36T-48P Final Gear $25.00
AX30769 XR10 Machined 12T-48P Gear 1 $13.00
AX30770 XR10 Machined Lightweight 36T-48P Idler Gear $18.00
AX30771 XR10 Machined 12T-48P Gear 2 $13.00

XR10 Titanium Gear Shafts

  • Precision CNC Machined Titanium Gear Shafts for the Axial XR10 Competition Rock Crawler
  • Replacement part for the stock steel gear shafts, AX30195 & AX30196
  • Machined from Titanium for increased strength and efficiency
  • Internal rotating mass reduced by 40% over the stock Axial XR10 steel gear shafts

AX30765 5x49mm Gear Shaft (Titanium) $22.00
AX30766 5x58mm Gear Shaft (Titanium) $22.00

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 5:20 PM
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