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AquaCraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz RTR

AquaCraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz RTR

The AquaCraft Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz RTR depicts a new breed of boat: a mini-sized model equipped with a brushless motor and a LiPo ready ESC that only requires a single 3S LiPo battery! This advanced power system makes the Minimono one fast boat that’s a lot of fun to drive. Its smaller size and responsive handling let you race on smaller bodies of water – and it’s very affordable to operate, too! Check it out:

  • Minimono is powered by a water-cooled 28-30-2200kV brushless motor
  • The 20A ESC is designed for a single 3S LiPo battery and is equipped with a Deans® Ultra Plug® connector
  • Includes a Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio with Secure Link Technology™ for interference-free control and no-crystal convenience
  • Features a hatch that tapes down securely to keep on-board electronics dry and removes easily for battery access
  • Should the Minimono strike an object in the water, a breakaway feature allows the rudder to swing back and avoid damage, then quickly snap back into place.

AQUB1805 – Minimono Brushless 2.4GHz RTR – $139.99

Updated: July 1, 2011 — 9:37 AM
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