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Action From the 2016 EFRA 1/12-Scale Euros [VIDEO]

Action From the 2016 EFRA 1/12-Scale Euros [VIDEO]

There’s been a lot of interesting news in 1/12-scale racing these days, and with the controversial ruling by IFMAR to go to 2S LiPo batteries, then a subsequent reversal of the ruling back to 1S after heated opinions including the video done by Josh Cyrul went viral, it appears that we are back to square one. Held at the Hudy Arena in Slovakia, the 2016 European Championships saw these land missiles bring together some of the best 1/12-scale drivers in the world to compete on the black carpet racing surface- now considered the new standard. The action was fast and technical and in spite of 1S LiPo power, shows no signs of slowing down. Check it out.

Updated: December 27, 2016 — 5:03 PM
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