Building the Associated TC6.1 Sedan

Feb 29, 2012 2 Comments by

It’s been a little while since I have reviewed an onroad car and with the brand spanking new Associated TC6.1 landing in my lap for a review, you could have guess that I am feeling more than ecstatic on getting this rig on the track. As with most serious racers, which includes me, I prefer a new car in kit form versus a RTR vehicle. Along with competing with your new race kit, building and knowing it inside and out is part of the whole RC experience that makes it truly enjoyable. I’m stoked to build the TC6.1 and I’m going to take you along for the ride. Lets get started!



With the TC6.1 all assembled, the only step left is to top it off with a race body and go hit the track. I plan on track testing the TC6.1 on asphalt and carpet tracks here in the SoCal area. Stay tuned and look for the full review on this killer sedan in a future issue of RC Car Action and if you’re a native to the SoCal area, I’ll see you at the track!  -  Joel Navarro

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Joel Navarro fell in love with RC since the age of 11 with the Tamiya Grasshopper being his first RC car. Little did he know that the his favorite RC magazine back in 1987, RC Car Action, would be the magazine he works for now. Joel received his AA in photography and in addition to being a West Coast Editor for RC Car Action magazine, he is a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the Southern California and San Diego area. During the winter, Joel is also a snowboard instructor in Big Bear, Ca. Joel is active in the RC community and regularly races all over the SoCal area. His home tracks are SDRC Raceway, West Coast RC Raceway, OCRC Raceway, and parking lot racing in San Diego.

2 Responses to “Building the Associated TC6.1 Sedan”

  1. Michal Abramowicz says:


    But with spur shaft I can share small tip.
    Just check if it is not too long or short.
    If long -> tweak chassis, need some file work on sand paper
    If short -> again tweak chassis, need to add small thin spacer!

    Shocks need aftermarket rubber blades, oryginal ones are too stiff :( and from tc5 they are too small :(


  2. Pat Yarosh says:

    What type of battery strap are you using , I can’t find it

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