Caster Racing USA S10B 1/10 4WD Buggy

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New from Caster Racing USA:Caster Racing is pleased to announce their latest entry into the market of RC, the pro version 1/10 scale 4wd buggy. This has been an ongoing project for 3 years and it is finally complete. With new manufacturing techniques and materials, Caster has moved the ball forward into the endzone as an official legitimate player in the industry. Using Delrin gearing, 7075 aluminum cnc machined parts and revised plastic, there is nothing that this buggy compares to on the market today.

Due to the fact that Caster Racing is an international company, it will be known as the S10B. In the United States, it will be known as the “sniper 10 buggy” and in our Asian markets it will be known as the “saku 10 buggy”. Caster Racing is also releasing a RTR version that is made mostly of plastic parts and will come with either brushed or brushless systems. Pricing to be announced soon, but remember that the company slogan is “The vision of Caster Racing is to make affordable and race competitive rc car kits and parts available to the general public.” So if you are considering getting into the 1/10 4wd indoor racing scene this winter, this will be the obvious choice.

Specs will be available in the Caster Racing forums later this week and links to them will be posted in the RC Car Action forums.

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