The Bob Novak Interview – RCCA Exclusive [Full Video]

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As you might have seen in the November 2012 issue of RC Car Action, we paid homage to the RC Icons of the industry. I had the honor to do the piece on Bob Novak of Novak Electronics. Special thanks to Bob Novak for letting me spend the time for this sit down interview with him. Much of what he has contributed to the hobby has steered me towards the RC path I am on today. Some of my first RC products in 1988 were Novak ESC’s in my Associated 10L Fiberglass pan-car. My trusty Novak T4 ESC led me to many wins on the track and never let me down then, and my latest Novak products continue to do the same today. – Joel Navarro


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Joel Navarro fell in love with RC since the age of 11 with the Tamiya Grasshopper being his first RC car. Little did he know that the his favorite RC magazine back in 1987, RC Car Action, would be the magazine he works for now. Joel received his AA in photography and in addition to being a West Coast Editor for RC Car Action magazine, he is a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the Southern California and San Diego area. During the winter, Joel is also a snowboard instructor in Big Bear, Ca. Joel is active in the RC community and regularly races all over the SoCal area. His home tracks are SDRC Raceway, West Coast RC Raceway, OCRC Raceway, and parking lot racing in San Diego.

2 Responses to “The Bob Novak Interview – RCCA Exclusive [Full Video]”

  1. D.Gunn says:

    Much respect to Bob Novak!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My first esc was a Novak M5. I remember getting it set up, pulling the trigger, and watching the tires turn into pancakes. What a rush.

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