Pro-Line Sneak-Peeks “Blockbuster” body design

Pro-Line just released this sneak-peek shot of their soon-to-be-revealed Blockbuster body, which appears to have a decidedly squared-off, military vibe going for it. And something is up with the cab area… Expect to see the complete design very soon, we’ll share it as soon as we see it. .

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What happened to stock racing?

Of all the gigantic advantages in RC technology over the last ten years, there’s no doubt that the motor and speed control units of electric vehicles made the biggest jump in improvement – unfortunately, that transition destroyed the grassroots level of RC racing. The “stock” class designation for motors has long been used by the [...]

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Kyosho Scorpion Re-release to debut at RCX!

Big new for vintage RC buffs: Kyosho’s 1982 Scorpion is getting the re-release treatment! No details yet other than the teaser banner below as spotted on the Kyosho Japan site, but you won’t have to wait long to see the car–it’s going to be at the RCX show, May 17-18! We’ll follow up as soon as [...]

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LaTrax Announces Hop-Ups for Teton

Regular readers will recall our LaTrax Teton review from the May issue, where we enjoyed the truck in out-of-the box trim. Now LaTrax is rolling out upgrades for the little rig to increase performance and cool-factor. Visit the page for the new gear in our Hot News and New Stuff forum for the full lowdown; [...]

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Learn from the Pro’s: TLR’s Adam Drake on building perfect shocks

Properly building your shocks the right way can take some practice. Not only is each step elaborate and full of experience-cultivated nuances, but building shocks correctly is also critical to performance. It can take a lifetime to hone the shock-building process, but thanks to TLR’s Adam Drake, we are now leaking some of the best [...]

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Two popular nitro models from Mugen Seiki and Serpent go electric

Two new vehicles that rolled across our desks this week came from two very well-established nitro racing manufacturers – which is why it was surprising that both were electric. Actually, the Mugen Seiki MBX7T ECO isn’t too big of a surprise, since it’s a follow-up on both the nitro-powered truck based on the current IFMAR [...]

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Dynamite Announces New Reaction LiPos and Prophet Sport Plus Charger

Dynamite’s newest product announcements on the electric front are a line of “Reaction” 2S-4S LiPo packs boasting an 80C discharge rate, ranking up there with the hottest competition packs on the market. They’ve for entry-level hobbyists in mind as well, introducing a new Prophet Sport Plus charger that places a premium on being truly “plug, [...]

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RC Car Action September 1998: The Battle of All Battles, the Last Dogfighter and An American Take On Schumacher’s Newest 2WD

By the end of the Summer in 1998 this hobby had gone through some massive overhauls. In just a few shorty years we saw the design of cars at large change massively and nitro was quickly taking over as the hot power system of choice. It was in the September ’98 issue of RC Car [...]

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