Interview: Joe Pillars Talks About Sponsorship and the Duties of a Team Manager

Sponsorship is a huge part of racing, and one person who is deeply involved with Team Management is Joe Pillars. Most might assume that all that’s needed is to show up and do well and people will start sending stuff, but that’s only part of the equation. Sponsorship is part of manufacturers’ marketing plan and [...]

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Lonestar Challenge: HB/HPI Racing’s Tessmann Wins Pro Buggy

Everything in Texas is big right? Well the 3rd annual Lonestar Challenge was held at Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, Texas over the weekend of April 23-24 and some of the big named drivers from across the continent were in attendance. Racing was fast and challenging on the same facility that will be hosting the [...]

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Savox Signs Ex-Airtronics Drivers Cavalieri and Caster

Recently it was announced that the Airtronics brand would be discontinued by parent company Sanwa, leaving many sponsored drivers in limbo. Yes, some of the Airtronics products will be rebadged and sold under the Sanwa label, but agreements between drivers and the Japanese company would have to go through new negotiations. It was only a [...]

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Legendary Engineer Kurt Wenger Explains “Clear” Parts in Prototype Buggy Images

Recently Team Associated took to social media to generate some hype for their new B6 buggy they debuted. At first the images were of Spencer Rivkin’s 2015 IFMAR Championship winning buggy held at Yatabe Arena in Japan on Astro-Turf and they contained some black 3D printed and machined prototype parts made by legendary “man-at-the-mill” Curtis [...]

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Team Associated’s B6 Takes The Win In Euro Off-Road Series Debut

Last week we reported that Team Associated surprised many by debuting two new buggies, the new B6 and B6D (click here to see our initial story). The B6 is a purpose-built buggy specifically designed for extremely high-bite surfaces like Astro-Turf or carpet (yes, they are different), while the B6D is focused on dirt and lower-bite [...]

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This 10-Year-Old Girl Just Beat the Reigning IFMAR 2WD Champion

Check this out: not only is Xray‘s Malin Karlsen one of elite RC racing’s few lady drivers, she’s also just a kid–only ten years old! You can see her putting down hot solo laps in the video below, then catch her in action at the EOS (Euro Off-Road Series) race where she beat IFMAR champ [...]

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Traxxas X-Maxx Versus BMX Dirt-Jump Trail [VIDEO]

Traxxas dropped a new X-Maxx clip, wanna see it? Sure you do. There it is. Click it. Surely you’ve done this before. Visit See more posts about Traxxas

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Tech Center: Spektrum Endpoint Helper

I’ve got a Spektrum DX4C transmitter with an SRS4210 receiver. Since I transferred the receiver to a new car, there’s been some weirdness with the endpoints—even when set for maximum throw, I’m only getting about 70% steering travel. The guys at the hobby store were stumped. Any ideas? This is a setup gremlin that occurs [...]

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