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2012 Reedy International Race of Champions

2012 Reedy International Race of Champions

“…our industry lost an icon that is impossible to replace,

but Mike was more than just an icon,

he is a legend, and legends never die.”


For those of you that are not familiar with Mike Reedy, he was the man behind Reedy Modifieds or what is now known as just “Reedy.” He passed away in 2011 after a long bout with Parkinson’s Disease. Mr. Reedy was a pioneer in the early days of RC racing. He had a passion for the hobby and was known to lend a hand to just about anyone that needed it. His motors were some of the best around but it was his ambassador-like persona that made him a legend.


“As organized racing became more and more popular in the mid 80’s, Mike decided to celebrate his birthday in the best way he knew how; by hosting a race.  But this race would not be just any race.  The top competitors from around the world were invited to compete in a unique heads-up format that has set the standard for r/c racing excitement and difficulty.  32 of the best drivers from around the world battle head-to-head in eight rounds of eight cars, across four heats utilizing 2wd and 4wd buggies.  As the races are completed, drivers gain points based upon finishing positions with six of the eight rounds counting towards their overall score.  Unlike most racing, this format isn’t necessarily about being the fastest driver, but instead knowing how to win races. “  – ReedyRace.com

This weekend will be the 18th running of this prestigious race at West Coast R/C Raceway in La Mirada, CA. TLR’s Dustin Evans was crowned champion last year and will be on hand to defend his title against some of the best drivers in the world such as, Tebo, Maifield, Cavalieri, Cragg, Neumann, Martin, Phend, Tessmann, Truhe, Amezcua, and Hara to name just a few.

Stay tuned for full coverage of the race including photo galleries, videos, results and of course, the inside scoop.


Track Layout

A very deceiving track. Looks simple to drive, yet proved to be quite a challenge.


Driver Stand View


Cavalieri Leads the Invite Field

Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri leads invitational class after 6 rounds of 2wd. With home-track advantage, the always fast Ryan Cavalieri is running smooth with minmal mistakes. Ryan started off the first three rounds with a streak of first place finishes. A break in round 4 after a collision with another car will be his throwout round.



In the Pits!

Walking by the TLR pits, I noticed a herd of XX-4’s. This was the predecessor to the XXX-4. Mike Truhe, Dustin Evans, Dakotah Phend and others are running the older platform. Funny fact is the XX-4 is a year older than youngster, Dakotah Phend! I sat down with Mike Truhe to get the scoop on the choice. Check out this video:

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New Proline Bulldog Bodies!
Hupo Honigl is sporting a duo of new Proline Bulldog bodies on his Durango Cars. Ryan Cavalieri and Proline’s Daniel Adams are running a new version of the Proline Bulldog body on their Team Assiciated B44.1’s. Check out the photo gallery below for more shots of these sweet bodies.
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Ty Tessman’s 2WD Buggy Creation

What car is that? Pro-Line Losi 22 body on what seems to be an AE B4.1. How did he do that?

More on this buggy later.

2012 Reedy International Race of Champions Winners

2WD Open; (2) Brent Thielke, (1) Chad Due, (3) Frank Root


4wd Open Winners; (2) Michael Schoettler, (1) Josh Numan, (3) Rob Gillespie Jr.


Invitational Class; (2) Ryan Cavalieri, (1) Jorn Neumann, (3) Ryan Maifield


Time to bring out the Champagne for a good old victory shower.

Josh Numan getting showered by WCRC owner Danny Stojakovic after Josh's victory in 4WD Open. Hopefully this doesn't hurt his jump shot


Scotty Ernst show Chad Due how to properly open his victory bottle after what seemed to be Chad's first time opening a Champagne bottle.


Using Champagne for hair cleaning is the hot new trend these days. Danny is just offering a helping hand.


The Pro's know the proper technique for blasting every bit of potential out of the bottles. Jorn looking as if he just walked into a rain storm.


That tastes good.


Team Associated's Team Manager Brent Thielke was in charge of putting on this historic Reedy Race. Thanks Brent for putting on such a memorable event.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:44 PM
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