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2009 ISC Ultimate Speed Challenge

2009 ISC Ultimate Speed Challenge

Fontana, CA—it was a record-setting weekend at the 2009 ISC Ultimate Speed Challenge—in fact, 12 new records were set. Taking place at the Auto Club Speedway’s 1/4-mile drag strip on a sunny day in Southern California, competitors came from as far as Louisiana with one goal in mind: be the absolute fastest in the World. The organizers went above and beyond expectations to put on a smooth-running and well-organized two-day event that saw many existing records broken as well as some new benchmarks set in everyone’s goal of “ultimate speed”. So a big thank you to the following people:

Tim Smith

Mike Ogle

Garry O’Connor

Shawn Palmer

Nic Case

(And all the others)

A particular honor earned by nine competitors was admittance into the “100 MPH Club”—achieved only by posting a verified run in triple digits, either by the dual optical speed traps, or by posting a subsequent validating run within 5% of the first. Not all of those runs were record setters, but it was still a goal that many desired, and few reached. Special thanks goes to the event sponsors, the SoCal MHRA club for the timing equipment, and the Auto Club Speedway.

New Records Set:

Electric Classes


Electric Modified: Tim Smith -126.5 mph

Electric Stock: Tim Smith -101.61 mph

Electric Stock 4WD: Shawn Palmer – 71.36 mph

Internal Combustion Classes


IC Open: Mark Davidson 97.75 mph

IC Big Block: Jason Anderson 101.46 mph

IC Small Block 2WD: Gary O’Connor 85.12 mph

IC Small Block 4WD: Bernard Heredia 89.95 mph

Specialty Classes


Large Scale: Bernard Heredia 97.96 mph

Mini: TJ Kendall 87.98 mph

Open Wheel: Beau Ramelot 81.75 mph

Motorcycle: Lito Reyes 92.32 mph

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 9:40:55 AM by Todd Thorne sr.

WOW to all the competitors that set these records. Now there needs to be a competiton to find the longest jump for any type of R/C vehicle. And now including the new R/C motocross dirt bikes and even ralley cars.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:13:12 PM by Anonymous

126.5 Mph… HOLY @$#?&* nice job!

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:50 PM
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