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1/5 Scale Dirt Oval Racing? Sign Us Up!

1/5 Scale Dirt Oval Racing? Sign Us Up!

If this doesn’t press your “I want to do that” button, then RC just isn’t for you. It’ll take one helluva plane ticket (the track is in New Zealand), but we definitely want to hit this oval for some gas-powered go-left action. Who can resist big ol’ weed-eater-powered Sprinters slinging good old-fashioned dirt?

Updated: April 30, 2015 — 8:22 PM
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  1. Would be So much better if they new how to drive

  2. Hi Peter where is the track located and what sort of costings are expected we have raced stock cars, grass track Dirt karts and more.

  3. Look around plenty of 1/5 scale oval action in the US. I have a track here in PA we run EDM and late model bodies on Baja’s. Dellville Speedway on fb. You want to see something check out a 4 ft long late model RC on the oval

  4. Gotta Love these beasts. I race them here in Australia

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